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Embossed Chipboard

This chipboard, from My Mind's Eye, is already embossed- meaning the chipboard is indented to add depth.

Scroll down the page to see ways to alter this embossed chipboard.


Photos of MME Embossed Chipboard

Embossed Chipboard: "Beautiful"


Embossed Chipboard: "Bold"


Embossed Chipboard: "Bliss"



This embossed chipboard letter was altered with chalk. I applied the chalk  to the embossed letter with a cosmetic sponge. I did several  layers of chalk. I did a very light first coat and then more chalk to the raised portions.



This embossed chipboard letter received two coats of paint. The first coat was the dark blue paint applied to the entire embossed letter. I then applied a very thin coat of white and blue mixed paint to   the raised areas. I found the key to having this look  good was using very thin coats of paint.


Paint and Sanding:

This embossed chipboard letter was painted with a thin coat of

paint and then sanded. I sanded the embossed chipboard letter while it was laying flat on the table. I sanded with the file laying flat, to make sure that only the raised areas were effected.


Direct to Paper (embossed chipboard):

This embossed chipboard letter was altered by applying an ink pad directly to the letter. I placed the embossed chipboard letter on a table and laid the ink pad flat. This way, I got most of the ink

onto the raised areas and a small amount in the lower.


Direct to Paper with highlights:

This embossed chipboard letter was again altered by direct to paper, but I added a twist by applying gold ink. I was hoping  that the ink would accentuate the raised areas more than it did.


Pearl Ex and Direct to Paper:

This embossed letter had ink applied directly. This time, a layer of Pearl Ex powders were added to the raised areas. I do not think that this technique is as effective as the rest.










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