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Covering chipboard with cardstock or patterned paper is about the easiest way to decorate chipboard letters and shapes.


Supplies you will need:


Trace the chipboard letter or shape you are working with onto  the paper. By adhering it upside down.



Trim the excess paper away from the chipboard letter or shape with a cutting blade-it is much easier to get into the                 small corners.


Sand paper the edges of your newly covered chipboard to give    it a high quality finished look. It will really pop off your LO!


Unsanded chipboard letters and shapes have sharp and torn looking edges.



Sanded chipboard letters or shapes have a much cleaner finish and look great. If you use a white core cardstock or any  patterned paper, the white will be fabulous!


Close up photo of covered chipboard letters:



This precision file set is the best for sanding chipboard:


This is the BEST new tool purchase I have made! It is the new Basic Grey Precision File set and it is made for altering chipboard! It has 6 files to get into all the nooks and crannies!       It is wonderful!!!
















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